About Us

Polygonal North Oy is a Finland-based agile, solution-oriented and environment friendly corporate offering tailor-made solutions in smart urbanization, environmental engineering and solutions, reducing CO2 emissions and seeking out subsidies turn structured ideas into environmental initiatives. Ultimate aim of the Polygonal North is enabling organizations and individuals smarter, become agile to ever-ending change in technology, upskilling in a more educated and environmental-friendly. Having deep understanding how our world is going to evolve in terms of digitalization but at the same embracing a nature-based perspective.

Regarding smart urbanization, we are now investing R&D process of delivering environment-friendly products such as electricity-powered cargo bicycles, HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters, %95 recycled and disassembled office and in-house supplies and solutions to capture CO2 by investing in nature-friendly technologies as an ultimate purpose of promoting circular economy.

Our  future desire is being a pioneer in influencing environmental-logistics by offering nature-friendly bicycles for the cargo sector.
We are a team of environmental passionate, with a broad range of experience across a number of sectors. We are investing time and resource including urbanization, circular economy, climate change adaptation and mitigation and striving to influence policy.

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Polygonal North Oy is a Finland-based corporate, offering tailor-made solutions in educational technologies, smart-urbanization, environmental solutions and seeking out subsidy/funding turn structured ideas into projects.